Over time businesses rely on word of mouth referral from customers if not their positive feedback left online for proper marketing. To get quality feedback on services given will not be easy for all business and that is the reason to devise the right reputation management approach to use. It easily comes down to your ability to get reviews from customers and act accordingly guided by the reviews to up your game and competition in your niche. Dr Leonard Hochstein explains a few of the things you should avoid doing in your reputation management strategy today for amplified success.
Black-hat SEO hacks
AS SEO is gaining popularity as the secret weapon to succeed online, it can be expected in two ways one which promotes your website whiles the other exposing your site to several potential harms. You should avoid using or hiring a company that use black-hat SEO hacks as they may be easy to execute however bear adverse implication to your business that could be crippling to your success.
Aggressive responses
It is normal for businesses to rub shoulders with their customers today however how the situation is resolved will determine whether you will be able to retain the customer in your business. Should a customer be negative in their feedback, try to reach out to them and make the situation right. Responding positively to a negative comment shows your care to your customers which is necessary in inspiring their loyalty to your business too.
Mixing business with personal stuff
For businesses that use online platforms to expand their market base, maintaining consistency on your posts is relevant. You cannot afford to use your online business platforms to share religion based, political based and even social based values. Your customers only need to know the values of your business before making a choice of whether to use your business or not.