This is true that CCTV cameras have been there to help mankind for several years, however even though a lay person cannot make a good decision about security cameras as this is not a regular thing that they buy. Usually, a security camera installation is a one-time event, and once they are installed, you might stay disconnected with the latest technologies and upgrades comping in this field. So, when you need to get another security system for your other building, you will have to do the research again. CCTV camera technology has evolved rapidly, and currently we have a lot of options available in this regard. It is important to pick the best option for your security camera needs, if you want these cameras to serve the purpose for which you have installed these. When you are buying these cameras for your commercial or residential buildings, you should have a brief idea about these devices so you can use them with perfection. Only you can tell the purpose, and when purpose is defined properly, the selection of gadgets becomes easier.

Things to consider
When you are selecting CCTV cameras for your house or business security, you should keep the following things in your mind to make an informed decision.

• Check if it has an internal SD card slot – It is an important feature if you do not want to use DVR
• Check the image quality that it produces – Cheap cameras come with low quality of images.
• Learn how difficult is it to install the setup – If the installation process is easy, you would be able to replace the cameras when required.
• Check if it has motion and audio sensors – Modern sophisticated cameras come with these sensors, and it helps in improving the security of the building.
• Check if the cameras are waterproof or not – Waterproof cameras have better and more useful life.