At Dr. Gala’s rehabilitation centers, they believe that change is possible, and they bet everything on it and offer a fully integrated treatment to treat addictions and people’s mental health.
Doctor Nihar Gala has a professional team committed to helping people who want drug rehabilitation, customizing treatment plans according to the needs and long-term objectives intended to be achieved with each patient.
The rehabilitation centers have a clinical team that offers a rehabilitation program with medical innovation and a multidisciplinary team of specialists, therapists, psychologists, counselors, and clinical sociologists that allow detecting the root of the problem to help each addict and their family.
The doctor’s rehabilitation center Nihar Gala provides excellence in drug rehabilitation service, meeting each patient’s specific needs through different programs that allow addictions to be addressed from different aspects, such as psychological, social, environmental, and familiar.

To start a new life properly

There are many reasons why someone could be immersed in an addiction. Although the consumption of any stimulant can start spontaneously, there may also be a condition or trigger for it to become an addiction.
The doctor Nihar Gala provides an opportunity to start a new life for people with addictions to various kinds of drugs. It offers a safe place where people can deal with traumas, psychological disorders, and deep-rooted problems that have been the cause of addictions.
Knowing the root of addiction is key to addressing the indicated treatment; addiction is usually just a symptom, a manifestation of an underlying need or disorder that has not been adequately treated.

To integrate the addicted patient into society

Doctor Nihar Gala rehab centers cover all aspects of a successful rehab. The treatment plan is complemented by the different programs that allow integration into the person’s life. Patients can continue to work, study, and progress during the recovery process in a safe environment. It is the ideal option for comprehensively overcoming the problem of drug addiction.