Menopause can be a normal element of existence, but it will come being an unwelcome surprise. The emotional and physical changes that go with the menopause can be daunting, but you don’t will need to go through it on your own. At Elite Gynecology Miami, our company offers extensive treatment methods to assist you to manage your elite gynecology miami.

Exactly What Is Being menopausal?

Having menopause may be the long term stop of the monthly period and fertility for ladies, normally happening between 45 and 55. It impulses the conclusion of the reproductive yrs which is marked by bodily hormone changes in the body which can cause physical and emotional signs or symptoms. These signs and symptoms involve menopausal flashes, night sweating, sleep at night disruptions, mood swings, low energy, vaginal dryness, reduction in libido, and brittle bones. Whilst these are generally all typical parts of menopause, they are often disruptive to your life if left unattended.

Treatment Methods at Elite Gynecology Miami

At Elite Gynecology Miami, this site offers a variety of therapies designed that will help you manage the symptoms related to having menopause. Our team work with you to create a customized plan depending on your own needs and objectives. Some frequent treatment options incorporate hormonal substitute treatment (HRT), way of living alterations for example exercise and dieting adjustments or tension control techniques, pelvic floor physical rehabilitation for urinary incontinence or intimate malfunction issues, over-the-counter prescription medication for hot flashes or night sweating, and choice treatments including traditional chinese medicine or herbal medicines.

We know that every woman’s knowledge about being menopausal is unique — that’s why we has a all natural strategy to offering proper care tailored to each patient’s requirements. We feel in empowering our patients to control their particular medical care journeys to allow them to are living their life fully throughout this new period in life.


Navigating menopause doesn’t really need to be tough or mind-boggling at Elite Gynecology Miami we have been in this article to assist you to through every step of the quest towards greater health insurance and better wellness within this new point in life. Our company gives comprehensive care personalized specifically for your individual demands to help you manage your very own healthcare experience with assurance. E mail us today to understand more about how you can assist you deal with your menopausal signs or symptoms so that you can exist fully in this new point in life!