Ecommerce businesses have been booming for the past decade and thanks to pace setters like Amazon standard have been set. As an entrepreneur, you should not be limited by location to open your business. A lot of businesses have taken the initiative to tap into the global online market and when wondering how you can do the same, amazon poses a great solution to your needs. You should only ensure you know what the registration process entails before you start amazon seller new registration today. These are the few requirements which you will need when visiting the registering for the first time to be an amazon seller.

Business entity name

You should register your business as a seller partner of Amazon therefore choosing the Limited Liability Partnership or Private Limited Company depending on the option you find best. With such limited protection on liability entrepreneurs are great to start selling online via the network. This is a necessary detail to work on to mitigate chances of suffering from all the liabilities faced when selling on the ecommerce network.

Contact details

Have you registered your business entity with the correct contact details? These do not have to be a lot of details, an office address where your operations are located are necessary. This allows for easier tracking in the event that you clients need to meet or reach out to you. Phone number, email and other contact information are also useful and so are any social media accounts which you could use as customer care for your clients.

GST registration details

The registration process is not complete without the name of the bank holder, their account number, the type of account they are using and better yet the bank IFSC code before you can handle your GSTN concerns for goods being sold that demands to be paid taxes for.