How to use the Pixellab App

Pixellab as an android app enables easy creation of a poster and writing of texts on pictures. However, the app’s design targets writing texts on pictures. It also has other essential features that you can use. You can get the app for free on the google play store to download on your android phone. If you want the pixellab for PC, then you can download and install it.
The app has a simple user interface when you open it. The three dots on the top right corner of the application will aid you in loading a picture in the background. A click on the dots gives the option to import images.
In the current world, posting a picture with text is a craze. On the left side of the delete icon on the user interface, there is a pencil. Click on the pencil to write on the image. A written text in the box will appear on the image.
It’s possible to change the font color and font style of the text. It’s also possible to give the text a 3D appearance. If the current available font colors and style don’t look nice, you can download extra fonts and use them in the app.
If you need to move the image or text, click on the position icon and them wherever you need. If the text color isn’t beautiful, use your best image as a texture. It will alter the appearance of the text, making the logo more beautiful.

The above are the common pixellab operations that you need to know. If you don’t want more advanced pixellab features, these basic ones are good to get you to go. Now that you know the basic skills of using this pixellab app, download one today and try it.