Everyone knows the numerous advantages that music brings to human beings in general and the little ones in particular. As an art inherent to the most intimate human expression, music has been present in all societies and times. Music is, therefore, a universal cultural manifestation.
The benefits that music brings to human beings are infinite. It increases the release of endorphins, making us feel happier, reducing anxiety and stress, improving movement and coordination, and strengthening our immune system. If we also start our contact with music since we are little, we will be able to enjoy the benefits of the 4th art earlier and for longer.

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One of the most popular instruments among the little ones is the Spanish guitar. The Spanish guitar lends itself to experimenting with many styles, one of the most outstanding and beautiful being the flamenco style. It is considered that it is from the age of 7-8 when children are physically and mentally mature enough to be able to play the guitar and learn the basics chords (chords dasar).
From that age, children have enough strength to hold the guitar and agility in their fingers to play the strings. Likewise, playing the guitar, like any other instrument, requires a certain capacity for concentration that is difficult to achieve in younger children. The most important thing is that children feel comfortable with the instrument and see it as a moment of learning and fun, not imposition.

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When learning any musical piece, different brain functions are worked on. One of them is memorization. Remember how to place your fingers, play a chord, use the pick correctly, etc. All those little steps mean that the little ones are constantly working on their memory capacity.
Play a musical instrument, in this case, the guitar keys chords (chords kuncigitar) on the guitar, helps all physical and mental efforts go to one thing. Away from noise and external stimuli, children learn to focus on something they are passionate about, which also helps them develop their will and determination. This valuable ability also applies to other areas, such as school or family.