People who are interested in getting the best outdoor adventurous trip in Dubai can choose a safari trip. People visiting in large groups can book a bus which has a capability of around thirty tourists. Others that only want to enjoy with their family can choose small safari group tours in a car that has an efficiency of around six tourists. So choose the desert safari Dubai to enjoy a thrilling trip at a reasonable price.
Camel rides in the beautiful sunset are also a specialty of Dubai, and people enjoy them with great excitement. Choosing to do all the activities separately can be very costly, but a desert safari can help you enjoy all the adventures at a very minimum cost. Check out some of the great additional features provided by the safari trip-
 Tanoura Dance Performance
This is a mesmerizing dance show that is loved by all the tourists arriving in Dubai. A Sufi man named Darwish performs the dance, which is appealing for everybody. The Darwish man changes his position on the stage, and an experienced fireman performs a beautiful fire show. The colorful lighted costumes are appealing and fit best with the dance moves.
 Belly Dance
Belly dance is a traditional dance usually performed by ladies of Romania and other close countries. The beautiful attire of the women and their clean dance moves makes a great impression on guests instantly. In addition, the combination of belly and Arabic beats is outstanding. Therefore, people usually enjoy watching belly dance at the time of dinner and evening snacks.
 Photoshoots In Arabic Costumes
The members of the tour company provide various kinds of Arabic costumes to the tourists. These costumes, along with the traditional jewelry, are great for a beautiful and traditional photo shoot. People usually consider wearing these attires and take pictures with their spouses and kids.