Although there are tons of websites allowing you to download the latest song (download lagu terbaru), a platform will be better if it has some crucial features. Let us discuss some of them.
Variety in formats
There are platforms offering audio or music files only in mp3 format. However, music is not only available in that format. You can find several other types with slight variations in the experience of listening to each song in different formats. If you are a fan of some other formats, you should check whether that format is available on the music platform.
You may come across thousands of songs on the music platform. However, you will not listen to all of them. You need not download everything too. All you would love to hear will be a small set of songs. However, you will hear them or may need to download these songs alone repeatedly. So, you can choose to add those songs to a playlist with any name of your choice. Once you do so, those songs will be stored under that playlist forever and will provide you with easy access. So, the playlist facility will be helpful.
In most streaming sites and even in some downloadable sites, you can find lyrics running along with the songs. It will help you know the wordings behind the song to understand what the song means. In case of a foreign song or a song sung in a language that you do not know, the lyric option will be highly helpful. If you wish to download songs with lyrics, you should ensure whether the platform has songs in mp4 format as video files are necessary for the lyrics to come. However, almost all music streaming platforms have come up with this option. You should ensure whether the lyric is right by cross-checking once.