Skip tracing for real estate provides a way for real estate investors to find the name, phone number, and address of owners of potential investment properties.
Imagine you’re driving for dollars and you get home with a nice long list of 20 or 30 different distressed homes. Some of them looked abandoned. Others were in ill-repair but looked lived-in. Still, you’re not sure if the people living in them are the owners or not.
What are you going to do?
After all, you only have the addresses.
You could go knock on the door of those homes and hope for an answer.
But that’s wildly inefficient.
Plus, if the house is abandoned, then… well, no one is going to answer.
This is where skip tracing comes in.
You see, skip tracing started as a way for the government (and bounty hunters) to track down debtors, fugitives, or criminals. With some savvy software, they could figure out the person’s whereabouts.
Now, What is skip tracing in Real Estate can use skip tracing software, 100% legally, by the way, to find a homeowner’s name, phone number, current address, and email.
You can even do that in bulk, with hundreds of addresses all at once!
See the value of skip tracing yet?
Because now we’re going to show you how to do it.
How To Use Skip Tracing To Find Motivated Sellers (The RIGHT Way)
It might seem like there’s just one way to skip trace in real estate… you enter the address of the distressed property, get the owner’s information, and go on your merry way.